dylan comes the 27th. I could of swore he was coming the 30th. Aggh... so that means it was to late to change my work schedule in time, so I'm working when he flys in. Luckily James comes in earlier that day from Seattle and is available to pick him up. In the next few days I hope to move as much little shit into our new place that Jwest will allow. I also have tons of chores I should be doing right now, cleaning blah. God I hate moving.

Things that happened today
*someone got stabed in the park next to my house, I believe it was drug related
*I learned how to do a bunch of pastry chef stuff
*possible new job opening that I really really really want might be opening. Slim chance.
*Ate Ethiopian food for lunch, second time I've had it really good! The first time I think it was a culture shock, or so different. This time I was with people who knew allot about the food.
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I didn't go to work today. Well I went, then I left after 40 minutes. I couldn't do it. I hate everything. I feel like I really dont have anyone to talk to about this that could even slightly understand how I feel. I barely know how I feel. I finally swollowed my pride and got my brother Scott's cell number. We talked and told each other that we loved each other (we haven't talked in over a year). I think were the only ones with our heads on properly. We dont know what to do or who to turn to. I feel weird in this empty house. James keeps calling and he sounds so excited about being in Seattle. I didn't want to make him feel bad about whats going on. An old friend said she would call and she never did. I didn't expect her to, but I know in the back of my head I really wanted her to. I guess we are all changing and moving on. I feel like thats ok but I thought we could do it together.
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Quick update

Dylan comes May 30th
James got a job doing sound for Warped tour and will be gone all summer
My mom comes at the end of dylan's visit July 5th-11th
Hate and love my new job
Making new friends
losing my mind and staying home to figure things out (PMS who knows?)
got some food poisoning and it lasted for three days (I will not be eatting sushi with seafood or baked potatoes ever again)
Started eatting more raw foods and even making stuff at home I lasted three straight days with out regular sugar, coffee, cooked foods or soy based products
Jwest is moving out of our apartment building and were moving into his bigger apartment
losing touch with old friends
got to hang out on a roof top in san francisco while my friend got a burger tattooed on his foot in one of the apartments below. It was amazing and the city is fucking beautiful.
Miss New Orleans
180 pounds, SHIT.
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So I got a supervisor job that I really wanted.
I dont really have money for dylans ticket right now, and it sucks, cause I said I could get it this week.
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I just had an amazing drum lesson. I kept the beat going over a minute a few times. I'm enjoying it so much that I secretly (to myself) call myself a drummer. Its so awesome. And In two hours I will be (finally!!!) dinning at Millennium Restaurant. I cant wait!!!